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December 14th, 2019

Timothy‘s Pub is on Browns Line in Toronto. It’s a fabulous live music venue. As soon as you walk in you feel this great energy. We really like playing here. We were a little worried today because the weather was awful. Snow, freezing rain all that lovely stuff that makes people decide to stay home and stay safe. Needless to say we were pleasantly surprised when we walked through the door to a packed house ! There was even someone who had travelled almost 3 hours to be there. You‘ve gotta love music lovers !!

I was recently asked if I still get nervous before a gig and the answer is YES! It’s no longer the “oh god I’m going to puke and I can’t remember any of the lyrics” kind of nervous but the “I want to do my very best and make sure that somehow I’m able to reach everyone in the crowd in one way or another” kind of nervous. I start to pace, get butterflies and retreat in to my own head before hitting the stage. The day I no longer feel that way is the day I should retire.

Due to illness it had been almost 2 months since we had played so tonight the nerves were a little more than usual. What a fabulous relief when the Dance floor was packed for soundcheck and I knew the voice was working.

David was on fire, Suzie knocked it out of the park with her vocals and Lorne and Ralph held everything together as usual. It really does mean a lot when members of the audience take the time to come over and introduce themselves to us and comment on a particular song, performance or moment and last night you guys did that in spades. It was awesome ! This coming week we have rehearsal to prepare for our NYE gig and then we all take a break over Christmas. Thanks again for choosing to spend some time with us. Chat soon !

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